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Tellaro, a rich real estate heritage and a curious legend


Tellaro, one of the most beautiful hamlets of Italy and its curious legend

The Gulf of Poets is home to one of the “most beautiful hamlets of Italy”, Tellaro, with its winding streets overlooking the sea, the typical pastel colored and stone houses perched on the cliffs, the small harbor and the enchanting sea view ranging from the nearby bays of Lerici, Fiascherino and Maralunga up to Portovenere, the Palmaria and Tino isles.

Located at a short distance from Lerici, the hamlet of Tallaro and the nearby district of Fiascherino, a small residential area immersed within the greenery of the hills and overlooking the sea, offer a relaxing and pleasant lifestyle, thanks to their panoramic position over the sea and their quiet and typically Ligurian atmosphere. Life in these hamlets is closely linked to the sea and to fishing, which have always represented the main economic activities of the hamlet. In addition to traditional activities, in recent years Tellaro has seen a notable development of tourism, with the creation of new accommodation facilities and the redevelopment of the historic center. Despite tourism, life in Tellaro and Fiascherino still retains an authentic and peaceful atmosphere, where it’s possible to stroll along the sea or among the olive trees of the surrounding hills, taste the typical dishes of the Ligurian cuisine in the local restaurants or simply relax on the beach.

Thanks to the mild climate and the natural beauties of the area, such as the beaches and coves hidden among the rocks, Tellaro and Fiascherino are also two popular destinations for real estate investment, in fact buying a house in this area gives the opportunity to immerse oneself in the local culture and fully appreciate the beauty of these places through a more peaceful lifestyle than that of life in the city however without renouncing the comforts of innovation. In fact, both locations are well served by tourist facilities and public services, but at the same time offer an atmosphere of relax and peace, ideal for those who want to escape from the frenzy of urban life.

Thanks to their privileged position, houses in Tellaro and Fiascherino have a stable market value and often increasing over time, which makes them an intelligent investment choice both to be used as one’s own home and as an income property through a specialized real estate agency.

Linked to the houses, but above all to the inhabitants of Tellaro, there is a legend that dates back to many years ago, in the 1600s.

The hamlet of Tellaro, once home to many fishermen, was guarded by a sentry who, in case of danger, had to immediately ring the bells of the Church of San Giorgio to warn the inhabitants of imminent invasions from the sea.

On a stormy evening the lookout, believing that the heavy rain and high waves would prevent possible invaders from approaching, left the bell tower and went home. During the night, however, the inhabitants of Tellaro were awakened by the strong tolling of the alarm bells; once they had averted the attack of the Saracen pirates they realized that on the top of the bell tower a huge octopus had moved the ropes of the bells and thus sounded the alarm. Since then the octopus has become the symbol of the hamlet.

Below you can discover some of the most interesting houses for sale by the sea in the Tellaro area:

Villa Alessandra

Located a short distance from Telaro, the beautiful bays of Fiascherino and the exclusive Eco del Mare beach, in Lerici, this elegant modern villa features large terraces with panoramic views of the sea and the Gulf of Poets.

La Terrazza sul Mare

In the historic village of Tellaro apartment with large terrace and private access to the cliff and the sea

The fisherman’s house

Overlooking the sea of ​​Tellaro, this house retains the flavor of the typical fishermen’s homes

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