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Who we are

A modern and dynamic real estate agency, managed by Daniela Cattini, who has been able to evolve by fusing her salesmanship experience with today’s reality, an experience that took its start from car-sales to veer into the real estate field in 1995, and, after several achievements, she opened her own agency Casa con Vista in 2013.

In 2019, in the wake of a team extension, a second office was opened, always in the Lerici area.

Throughout the years, Daniela displayed professionalism and expertise, becoming a benchmark in the area, established good relationships with other operators, be them local, national, and international, and keeps appearing, with her agency, on the main, both Italian and foreign, portals.

All of this gives the ever-growing amount of owners who entrust their properties exclusively to Casa con Vista the best chances of coming across the right buyer.
Casa con Vista has been trading at the top level of the real estate market for years and has closed buying/selling deals of great merit with high-profile clients from
all over the world.

Casa con Vista is an agency based on fundamental values all team members adhere to: efficiency, professionalism, sense of duty, and a thorough respect for confidentiality.

The staff is capable of tackling any possible client’s needs, regarding, other than purchasing, leases, holiday rentals, real estate handling, evaluations, selected external services, post-sale services. Indeed, Casa con Vista doesn’t perform a simple mediation task but, better yet, a complete technical and legal support to follow both sellers and buyers through each and every phase of the deal, well after the deed.

We are wholly aware that ours is a favored location set within a fortunate land,and we are thankful for our clientele who, day after day, places their trust in us.



CasaconVista, in the wake of a long-standing experience as part of the real estate industry, guarantees a service personalized to cater to each and every owner's needs, defining the best sale or rental strategies. Thanks to the whole staff's constant and substantial efforts, CasaconVista has reached high professional standards and is able to fulfill its clients' needs swearing by discretion and confidentiality. The thorough selection of properties for sale to insert within our portfolio allows us to find objects best fitting to our wide net of clients' reference target.

Exclusive sale contracts

CasaconVista creates sale contracts personalized to cater to each and every owner's needs, taking utmost care of all details and valorizing the property on the market. The best sale strategies, with the aim to reach potential buyers' reference target, are outlined together with the very same owner. All of this happens through a marketing plan across all major, national and international, platforms, social channels, newsletters, as well as through promotional ventures apt to valorize the property and enhance its visibility.
Thanks to a deep net of collaboration with selected and professional agencies, be them local, national or offshore, we're presented to a wide international public who has always appreciated our country's beauty and cares for the rich and valuable real estate patrimony to be found in Italy. CasaconVista also takes advantage of a strong presence within foreign countries, thanks to the collaboration with international partners and the publication on all major portals.
We guarantee a constant communication concerning the real estate market's changes, also through recurring update reports on the visits made at the properties.


Throughout the years, marketing has become a pivotal element for the valorization and promotion of properties for sale, also given the growth of digitization and the demand being heavily split among different geographical areas. Because of this, CasaconVista has studied, throughout the years, targeted strategies to make result achievement easier, connecting the properties with the right buyers.
CasaconVista offers personalized solutions depending on the type of a property, in order to valorize the property's placement on the various markets, regional, national and international, agreeing upon the right sale strategy with its owner. On top of the bilingual site and social networks, CasaconVista guarantees a strong presence on the major Italian portals as well as on all foreign portals, relevant to our clientele.
The marketing plan begins with a detailed writing of the property's data-sheet, proceeds with a specially-made, professional photoshoot, and is completed by the publication on those portals that are a better fit for the property's characteristics. All of this is supported by various offline marketing campaigns, carried on through the years, such as the publication on various sector magazines and poster-designing, as well as by word of mouth, another pivotal element.
We collaborate with both national and international real estate realities, wisely selected to guarantee a constantly increasing visibility to our owners.
We also realize drone-supported videos for some high-profile properties, in order to valorize their position and view to the fullest.

Techno-legal consultations

A team of specialized and multilingual real estate agents will see the sale through from the very first inspection to the notarial deed; furthermore, CasaconVista puts a wide net of expert consultants, specialized in legal, fiscal and technical assistance, at its clients' disposal.

Professional photoshoot

The property's valorization stands out, other than for the redaction of an accurate description of the property itself, for the attention lent to the images used for its promotion across all major sale channels, both Italian and foreign. CasaconVista, thanks to a professional photoshoot, is able to capture and highlight each property's aesthetic and quality, obtaining, through a photo-editing/post-production service, high-quality images. Such professional appearance will guarantee a higher valorization of the property on the market and convey a visual effect of prestige to the buyer, therefore increasing the selling potential.

CasaconVista, thanks to a wide and varied portfolio of properties for sale, walks buyers through the pursuit of their property with personalized researches consistent with the requested characteristics. The client is cared for with professionalism ever since the first contact, where the desired property's characteristics are outlined in order to bring the research into focus, to the visits to the selected properties, all throughout the buying-selling deal phase, and well after that thanks to post-sale services. CasaconVista benefits from multilingual personnel able to cater to the needs of both Italian and foreign clients.


Following an intent research based on the potential buyer's requests, CasaconVista exclusively pinpoints and proposes real estate solutions consistent with the desired characteristics. Professional real estate agents will accompany clients during visits, either in the Italian or the English language. CasaconVista puts an interpreting and translation service towards other languages at its clients' disposal.

Techno-legal assistance

CasaconVista carries out an extensive and meticulous check on properties for sale, through an analysis of the whole documentation and with the aim to guarantee a safe, transparent and pleasant transaction and avoid consequent delays during the buying-selling deal. CasaconVista puts specialized consultation, thanks to experts in the legal, fiscal and technical fields, at its clients' disposal, in order to follow them, Italian and foreign alike, along every phase of the purchase. Should the purchased property require renovation or inside work, clients will be put in contact with specialized companies that, throughout the years, have worked in the area with excellent results.

Post-sale services

CasaconVista provides a post-sale service for its clients, the same including all bureaucratic practices such as utilities transfers, municipal taxes, authorizations/passes for the Z.T.L. set within the Municipality of Lerici, as well as supplying local workforce's contacts in case of maintenance work, gardening, safekeeping of the property.

  • PHONE: +39 0187 968153 | info@casaconvista.eu